Introduction to Linguafolio Powerpoint: Linguafolio Presentation

What can you do in Spanish???

LinguaFolio® is a portfolio assessment instrument designed to support individuals in setting and achieving their goals for learning languages.

Let's create your Linguafolio!  wink

1) Log into Google Apps for Education.

2) Create a folder entitled "Linguafolio".  Share your entire folder with  

3) Create your "Passport" by making a copy of the document and putting it in your Linguafolio folder.  Complete the sections within the Passport.

4) We now have information about your language experience both in and outside of Spanish class.  Now we need to figure out what you CAN DO in Spanish!  Make a copy of this document and move it to your Linguafolio folder in Google Docs.

          Spanish 1 "I Can" Statements          

          Spanish 2 "I Can" Statements          

          Spanish 3 "I Can" Statements

5) Finally, because you told us what you can do, you now need to PROVE IT!  Head to your H drive on the school's server.  Create a folder there entitled "Linguafolio".  You need to upload documents, MP3 files, etc., that demonstrate how you accomplished the "I can…" statement.  Make sure it's the correct type of communication.  You need to create additional folders within the H drive "Linguafolio" folder for each type of communication: Interpretive Listening, Interpretive Reading, Interpersonal Communication, Presentationl Writing and Presentational Speaking.